Permission Granted

You have permission to take up space. 

This has been on my mind for a while. I have a habit of hiding. Playing small, blending in, laying low. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but I have mastered it in such a way that I almost apologize when I’m around others. When I have an idea or I disagree or I just need to squeeze past someone standing in the way - I’m so sorry, but…

I wasn’t always this way and I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened. In case you need the reminder as much as I do: you are allowed to take up space. Whatever that looks like. Share your idea. Ask your question. Order your meal without mushrooms. Start a blog. You are here, and you matter. 

+You have permission to feel the way you feel and to like what you like. 
+You have permission to daydream for no other reason than that it’s fun.
+You have permission to form your own opinions.
+You have permission to change your mind. 
+You have permission to be loud.
+You have permission to be quiet.
+You have permission to ask for what you need and to ask for what you want.
+You have permission to make a mistake. 

Actually, you don’t have permission. Because you don’t need it. 

Lucille Clifton said, "if someone gives you permission, they can take it away." Stop waiting for other people to say it’s ok to be who you are, to believe what you believe, to want what you want. You don’t need permission to take up space. 

Thank you for being here. It’s good to be back.